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I first heard this solo after seeing Tony post an excerpt of this solo on facebook. I think he posted it as a tongue-in-cheek joke, but I was pretty floored!

To me, this solo is a fantastic lesson in creating engaging and compelling solo by focusing on rhythms, time-feel (& pushing/pulling), forward momentum, dynamics, varied articulation, tone color, interaction with rhythm section, varied rhythms, etc., all with one note!

I often have my own students practice phrasing by having them solo on only the root or third of each chord (something I learned by Bob Reynolds), and this solo serves as a great demonstration of what's possible with only one note.

Some of the rhythms were a bit tough to notate, so I just went with my first reaction in order to avoid spending all afternoon deliberating over a single rhythm (I've done this before). Also, I normally avoid putting any articulations in solo transcriptions, but, I wanted highlight the wide variety of ways that he treats one note and how his articulation contributes to the overall phrasing and momentum of the solo.

Here is his original facebook post: