Chris Potter's acapella version of

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Transcribed Summer 2016
Published Summer 2016


This recording comes from a bootleg of a Chris Potter residency at Humber College in 2012. Potter presented at least two masterclasses on consequetive days at Humber and someone in the audience recorded it and spliced up the audio so each track features a quesiton from a Humber studnet and an answer from Chris Potter. In his responses, Potter scat sings, plays piano, acapella saxophone, and even demonstrates with a live rhythm scetion. A few of the performances from this bootleg have been transcriped and put online elsewhere, but I haven't yet come across this one-chorus of Nardis, which happens to be one of my favorite clips from the bootleg. Below is a transcription of the Chris' response to a question that resulted in this short performance:

Chris Potter: This is actually a good thing to mention, too. I mean, a big thing, in a different area, is just choosing how to phrase the melody. I mean, you notice that I wasn’t really playing it [the melody to “Nardis”] that directly that often, cause, I’ve played this tune so many times, and it’s kind of got a mysterious vibe anyway. So I was, ya know, on purpose, not just phrase is directly. But it’s useful to begin with, just to think of different ways of playing the melody….

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