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Transcription of Chris Potter's Solo on

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Transcribed Summer 2012
Published Spring 2017


I originally uploaded this video on July 28, 2016, but 4,500 views later in March 2017, I realized I copied and pasted a wrong chord change throughout the entirety of the transcription and video! I accidently wrote a concert F7 instead of the correct/more standard concert Ab7 in the fourth bar of the tune. F7 and Ab7 are related chords (in one of my lessons with Bob Mintzer, he had me play numerous choruses of blues while subbing all the dom. chords for chords a minor 3rd away in either direction, i.e. an F7 would become either an Ab7 or a D7) but I still felt like I needed to fix it.

Along with fixing the erroneous chord change I also went ahead and added double-bar lines every eight measures and added chorus numbers at the top of each chorus.

I transcribed this Chris Potter solo in 2012 during the summer immediately following my graduation from the jazz program at the University of North Texas. I remember listening to this non-stop my last year as an undergraduate. The original (non-transcription) video was uploaded to YouTube in 2011 by Alex Terrier (Terrier's website, YouTube Channel, and the original YT video). Feel free to check out or download the transcription below.

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