Random 12-tone matrix generator

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Updated Version at New Location.

There's an updated version of the 12-tone matrix generator, now hosted at it's own website, music-theory-practice.com.

Click here to go to the updated Random 12-tone Matrix Generator.

Pure Random Matrix

Matrix sorted By C

Hover over the matrix border (i.e. P4) to see that row or column notated!

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All Combinatorial Hexachords

Based on a paper I wrote in 2015 on Milton Babbit's composition All Set, which is based all-combinatorial hexachords. Emphasis on the second-order all-combinatorial hexachord.



Interval Class Vector: Calculator and Tutorial

Use this app to calculate and graph interval class vectors. Also included is an interactive tutorial on how to find an ICV on your own.



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Random Chord Progressions

Great for composition and improvisation practice!

Use this app to generate random chord progressions. Options include root progressions (no chord quality), major progressions, dom7 progressions, and completely random progressions that utilize all chord qualities.