About Ramsey

Ramsey is an active musician and educator in Los Angeles, California area. He is currently on faculty at the Los Angeles College of Music, a director of the Los Angeles Youth Jazz Ensemble, and is completing a Doctorate of Musical Arts degree at The University of Southern California's Thornton School of Music where he has studied with Bob Mintzer, Vince Mendoza, and Jason Goldman. At USC, Ramsey has been a teaching assistant for Jazz History, The Music of Black Americans, Arranging in Popular Music, Introduction to the Music Industry, and Business and Legal Aspects of the Music Industry. His performances include a concert with Paquito D'Rivera's Sextet in Carnegie Hall as part of an international audition, and soundtracks for major motion pictures, and Disney channel cartoons and a music video.

Ramsey is also an amateur web developer and aims to bring the web and music studies together in unique and creative ways. In addition to completing his DMA, Ramsey is taking classes at USC's Viterbi School of Engineering where he is studying web technologies and applications - including HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, etc. Ramsey's interest in web development began in 2010 when he created the most complete Chris Potter Discography on the internet. This discography continues to receive traffic from around the world. Feel free to browse some of his other projects here.

Recent News:
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  • Spring and Summer 2017: New!
    February: Happy to have presented a poster at the 2017 California All-State Music Education Conference. The poster was for a quantitative study of recent DMA graduate's experiences before, during, and after completing their degree. I created a small web-app detailing some of what I learned in my quantitative research for music education class at USC. View here: T-tests and ANOVAs for Music Education Research

    March: Honored to have received a Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival award for outstanding soloist.

    July A: My proposal to present my work on the Chris Potter discography and the evolution of his playing at the annual Jazz Education Network's 2018 conference. The conference will be held in Dallas, from January 3-6 at the Hyatt Regency. I'll be presenting on Saturday, January 6 at 12:30 in Windsor-Cockrell.

    July B: I've updated my Coltrane Homes webpage, now with input from Dr. Lewis Porter and Yasuhiro Fujioka. View it here: http://www.ramseycastaneda.com/projects/coltrane-homes.html.

    June - August: Honored to have recorded on and to go on tour with Alex Hahn for his new CD, Emerging. You can purchase the CD at his website here: http://www.alexhahnmusic.com/store/.
  • Fall 2016: New! I'm happy to annouce that I'm the new Teaching Assistant for the Music Industry and Music Technology programs as USC. These are some of the best progams in the country, and I'm happy to be on board.

    Last quarter at LACM I began directing the LACM Jazz Big Band II in addition to my private studio of eight undergraduate saxophone students. It's been a pleasure working with these young musicians.
  • Spring 2016: Update! The music video for "Making Today a Perfect Day" has been released!

    I've just released my first game the: Musical Scale Degree Game! Try it out and let me know what you think!

    I also presented at the California All-State Music Education Conference in February, see a picture here.

  • October 2015: I'm honored to be joining the faculty at the Los Angeles College of Music as the saxophone instructor for their new brass and woodwind department.
  • September 2015: I just got back from a great recording session with Marco Marinangeli for a new version of Disney's "Making Today a Perfect Day." Can't wait for this one to come out! I recorded two tenor parts, a bari part, the "hook," and some solo lines.

  • Fall 2015: A few news items regarding the Fall 2015 semester:
    1. 1) I'll be the Teaching Assistant for Dr. McCurdy and his class, The Music of Black Americans.
    2. 2) Teaching private jazz lessons to some of the graduate, non-jazz major, saxophone students.
    3. 3) I'll be joining the marketing team for the USC Thornton Outreach program.
  • August 2015: Had the pleasure of taking part in recording Annie Rosevear's new work for an upcoming Star Wars toy commerical.
  • July 2015: I'll be teaching and helping out at the Los Angeles College of Music Reality Jazz Camp this month. The final concert will be Saturday, July 18, at LACM and will feature a host of incredible L.A. musicians.
  • June 2015: I'll be touring with Delta Nove for a Northern California tour that will includes shows at Peteluma, Chico, Merced, and Lake Tahoe.
  • Spring 2015: For six weeks this semester I'll be teaching jazz appreciation at two different local high schools and middle schools.
  • December 2014: Thrilled to announce that I will be the new Jazz History Teaching Assistant at the University of Southern California this Spring.
  • November 2014: I'm looking forward to starting two new jobs: 1) as an intern for the great saxophonist Bob Reynolds, and 2) as a writer for The Music Center.
  • September 2014: I'm proud to announce that I've been accepted as a Gluck Fellow at USC, and will soon be performing outreach.
  • August 2014: Starting my Doctorate of Musical Arts degree at the University of Southern California this month!
  • May 2014:
    Honored to have had the opportunity to perform in Carnegie Hall with Paquito D'Rivera on Friday, May 16!
    2)I'm grateful to have received a Travel Grant from the CSULB for being invited to perform at NASA.
  • March 2014: This month I perform by invitation at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as one of 12 semi-finalists in the North American Saxophone Alliance.